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Safe Work Practices - Work Design

If you are spending a lot of time at the computer it is important to think about the way you structure your day so that you avoid computer related health problems.

Here are some things to consider when working out your daily work schedule:

  • Vary your work patterns by switching between tasks throughout the day.
  • You are especially at risk of computer related health problems when doing urgent jobs (Binge Computing) - don't forget your micropauses and exercise breaks.
  • You shouldn't regularly perform large amounts of word-processing unless you can touch type.
  • Be clear about your reporting relationships and what to do if you have conflicting deadlines.
  • Plan your day and prioritise your work to avoid pressure of deadlines where possible.
  • Be realistic about your own and others' deadlines.
  • Make notes about things to do - don't try to keep everything in your head.
  • Try to have only one job in front of you at a time.
  • Try to gradually build up to normal speed when returning to work after a break.
  • If you find your job boring see if it is possible to incorporate other tasks (e.g. by job rotation, learning computer packages, etc.) to provide more challenge.
  • If you enjoy the company of other people, make sure you spend your lunch and tea breaks with others - not at your desk.

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