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Safe Work Practices - Posture

Maintaining a good posture is essential for healthy computer work - especially if you are at the screen for long periods.

Here are some tips on maintaining correct posture when seated:

  • Don't slouch forward.
  • Keep your lower back well supported - use a lumbar roll if necessary.
  • Your feet should be flat on the floor or on a foot rest.
  • Sit directly facing the screen - don't twist your neck.
  • The top of the screen should not be above the level of your eyes.
  • The keyboard should be about the same height as your elbows when your shoulders are relaxed and your upper arms are hanging straight down. Your fore-arms should therefore be about level.
  • Lower your shoulders into a relaxed position, especially when you feel tense or under pressure.
  • Your wrists must be straight and flat, not bent nor 'clawed'.
  • Ensure that the front edge of the desk isn't pressing into the underside of your arms.
  • Avoid crossing your legs for long periods or allowing the front edge of the seat to place pressure on the underside of your thighs (this usually happens if the seat is set too high) as these can restrict the circulation of blood to your legs.
  • To look down, pull your chin in and lower your eyes - don't lean forward.
  • Adjust your workstation to fit you - don't just accept it the way you inherited it.
Use an ergonomic specialist to check your workstation - especially if you experience any pain or discomfort.

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