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Safe Work Practices - Exercise

If you sit at the computer for long periods each day, exercise is important in order to maintain your general health and fitness and to protect against computer related health problems and general health problems.

At work you should ensure that you take regular exercise breaks and take short walks during the day (e.g. up the stairs) to stimulate the muscles and circulation in your legs.

If you have experienced symptoms of a computer related health problem, neck or back problem you should consult your doctor before performing exercises.

Concentrate while performing exercises - don't chat, read or try to do another task at the same time.

Perform exercises slowly and carefully - don't rush.

In addition to the animated exercises demonstrated by Peak Performance, see Peak Performance Help for some additional simple stretches which help protect against computer related health problems.

You should also exercise outside of work. Choose a form of exercise you enjoy (e.g. swimming, walking etc.) to reduce stress and to relax.

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