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Computer Health - Definition

A number of debilitating medical conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, thoracic outlet syndrome, tenosynovitis and back disorders can be caused and/or aggravated by using computers in an unhealthy manner. These conditions are characterised by recurrent or persistent pain and/or weakness and have increasingly become a major health hazard for computer users. They can develop when muscles, tendons, nerves and other soft tissues are damaged.

Collective terms are often used to describe the group of medical conditions caused by activities such as unhealthy computer use. These terms include:

  • Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI)
  • Occupational Overuse Syndrome (OOS)
  • Repetitive Motion Injuries (RMI)
  • Cumulative Trauma Disorders (CTD)
  • Musculoskeletal Injuries (MSI)
  • Work-related Musculoskeletal Disorders (WRMSD)

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