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Reveal-It - Features
  • Identify hardware and software resources (Computer Auditing)
  • See what new resources have been added in the last month / year. Use baselines to compare assets lists over different periods.
  • Ensure the right number of licenses have been purchased for any software used within the organisation. Compare licenses purchased vs licenses installed vs licenses used.
  • Identify which software resources you are paying for but not using.
  • Identify if you have software not paid for (either unlicensed or unwanted software) within the organisation and track these to the computer hosting them.
  • Using the automated report system, have the latest asset information sent to an email address on a scheduled basis.
  • Export asset register data to spreadsheet or text formats.
  • Easy to read reports that can be viewed, printed or converted to PDF and other popular formats
  • Hardware Asset Register report (detail)
  • Hardware Asset Register report (summary)
  • Software Licensing Audit
  • Unauthorised software report
  • Easy deployment

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