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Peak Performance - Overview  

Computers are now commonplace in work and education, so computer-related health and safety is not something that can be ignored. Lack of knowledge and inattention to healthy computer use can result in serious health problems so it is important that you enable and encourage healthy practices.

This has just been made easier with Peak Performance. If you have heard people talking about 'break reminder software', 'exercise break software', 'prevention RSI software' or 'preventing carpal tunnel' then this is what they mean. Peak Performance is the responsible solution for helping to manage computer-related health and safety risks in your workplace.

Protect yourself against avoidable costs

Peak Performance is a comprehensive, user-friendly and effective solution for proactively managing computer-related health and safety issues. It will help to protect your staff from health problems brought about by computer use and therefore protect your organisation from the costs associated with these problems. Lost productivity, ACC / insurance premium increases, prosecution / compensation payments, and staff turnover costs are all costs you can avoid with the use of Peak Performance.

Let Peak Performance tell you where you are at risk

Computer users can be unaware of situations that add to the risk that injury will develop, or if they are aware they could be unsure of what to do to reduce the risks. Many health problems associated with computer use are of an ergonomic nature and the cause can be hard to make out. Peak Performance enables you to identify, monitor, report on and address hazards and potential hazards associated with computer use.

Design a solution for each user based on their risk

Peak Performance helps you to customise workstation design, monitors how you go about your work, and also teaches you to recognise early warning signs. Each user will be trained to optimise the set-up of their workstation, and be guided by the break reminder software to use micropauses, stretch and exercise breaks, and rest breaks.

Rely on Peak Performance to expose bad habits

Research suggests that computer-related health problems, such as: repetitive strain injuries (RSI) or occupational overuse syndrome (OOS) e.g. carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) and tendon injuries (tendonitis, tenosynovitis) back problems e.g. Musculoskeletal injuries (MSI) and work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WRMSD) come from keeping an immobile load on small muscles for long periods of time without giving them a chance at recovery. Peak performance reminds you to rest and relieve the load to prevent muscle exhaustion and subsequent injury. Being able to monitor computer usage and modify unhealthy computer use habits is an effective tool to managing computer-related health problems.

Train your way to a healthier work environment

Peak Performance is neither an enforcement tool nor informing tool, but a training tool to help prevent muscle debilitating conditions like RSI/OOS. The program works with the user, resulting in proven performance improvements such as reduction in errors, improvement in reaction time, significantly less discomfort, significantly less fatigue. These improvements positively contribute to morale, receptiveness and motivation, and ultimately a healthier work environment.
Peak Performance

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