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Peak Performance - Features

  • Highly configurable to individual users. Peak Performance is equally effective for a user who suffers from a computer-related health problem (eg OOS/RSI) requiring careful management or a user desiring prevention.
  • Usage monitoring and reporting to assess risk of users and tailor the program to suit their needs. Monitors keystrokes, mouse activity, Micropauses, Main Breaks and Daily Limits.
  • Settings customisable to suit each individual user, including advance warnings, screen black-out, sounds, ignoring or enforcing pauses and/or breaks, variable timings.
  • Includes prompts for Micropause reminders (seconds), Exercise Breaks reminders (minutes). Options for Micropauses only, Exercise Breaks only, or both.
  • Enforced break option for high risk users that struggle to take the suggested breaks.
  • Stress assessment tool to allow staff to measure their own stress levels.
  • On-screen personal safety trainer demonstrating exercises to ensure you are doing these safely and correctly for the maximum benefit.
  • Runs in the background monitoring computer use, giving appropriate pause and/or break reminders.
  • Option for analysing most events, including ignored pauses and breaks.
  • System Tray icon right-click menu to access necessary functions and status.

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