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Peak Performance - Benefits

  • Protection from health problems brought about by computer use.
  • There when you need it - a personal safety trainer is available to any computer user at any time with Peak Performance self-paced computerised training.
  • One size does not fit all - flexible settings ensure the software meets the needs of the end user. A personalised risk-based profile manages individual requirements.
  • Improved productivity - studies have shown that correct posture and regular rest breaks significantly improve the accuracy and output of computer users.
  • Reduce insurance premiums - lower workplace accident insurance premiums when you have Peak Performance as part of a well-structured safety programme.
  • Ensure compliance with health and safety regulations - Peak Performance’s central administration and reporting function provides proof of the software being used, and proof that you fulfilled your obligations to take all reasonably practicable steps to keep the workplace safe.
  • Avoid prosecutions - OSH prosecutions and personal grievances from employees who have developed a computer-related disorder cost you time, energy, money and reputation.
  • Staff retention - eliminate the costs of rehiring and retraining new employees to replace those who have developed a computer related disorder. Loss of experienced staff, re-hire & re-training costs and severance or ‘medical retirement’ payments can be reduced when you use Peak Performance to manage computer health.
  • Improved morale - reduce the number of sick days and time lost due to stress caused by computer related illness and injury. Pain experienced at work immediately affects both the morale and the productivity of employees. Loss of morale on the part of the injured employee in the workplace linked to working practices often creates a ripple effect throughout the company resulting in a discontented work force.
  • Central management - Peak performance allows the main controller to set up groups, manage reporting, alter individual user or organisational defaults and settings remotely.
  • High-level Support and Maintenance - a Support & Maintenance Agreement is integral to the purchase and use of Peak Performance. This agreement provides a customised package of benefits, designed to keep the application up to date and correctly configured. You are ensured of a consistently high level of return to your company.
  • Simple installation - Peak Performance provides an easily managed and simple installation process.

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