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South Pacific Software Firewall Guide

Ensuring your taffic gets through

The SPSI framework which is used in all the SPSI profressional products uses serval TCP/IP and UDP connections to communicate. The only time communication is required to a network outside your network is when licensing the software which travels via a web service over http and https.

If you have internal firewalls you need to have the following rules

Default TCP Port Rules

  • The Agent needs to be able to travel out to 8277 to the Data Server
  • The Agent needs to be able to travel out to 8888 to the Manager Server
  • Manager Server listens on port 8888 and 8889
  • Data Server listens on port 8277
  • Manager needs to be able to travel out to port 8889 to the Manager Server
Ports can be changed at the time of installation if any of these ports are in use

The Data Server broadcasts UDP which announces where the Manager Server and Data Server are located which can be turned off during installation.

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