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South Pacific Software Installation Guide

Obtain the installation files.

You can contact us or a resller for a CD or you can download the products from our website.

Plan your deployment

Study the various components that make up our framework. A small organisation would put the Manager, the Manager Server, the SQL Server and the Data Server all on the one computer. A larger organisation might:
  • Install the Manager onto the computer of each organisational manager in order that they can manage users and view reports for their particular team
  • Install multiple Data Servers, one per LAN segment
  • Install one Manager Servers
  • Install SQL Server on a different computer to the Manager and Data Servers
Regardless of organisational size, the Agent must be deployed to every computer you want to manage.

SPSI has specialists that can offer consulation if you would like help with the best design for your organisation, please contact us or your local reseller.

Select the computer on which to install SPSI Data Server.

This computer must be running Windows 2000, XP, 2000 Server or 2003 Server. The software can be installed onto a server computer (recommended) or desktop computer. It must be able to connect to SQL Server (either on the same machine or another). If your organisation does not have SQL Server running, you may use SQL Express (which is supplied on the CD or can be downloaded free from here).

Start the installation.

Execute the installation file to commence copying the files onto the computer. Use the server installation guide to navigate through this process. If your organisation does not use MS SQL Server, you will need to install SQL Express.

Install Data Server, Manager Server and the Manager.

If your organisation is distributed over multiple LAN segments, you may wish to repeat step 3 above. The Data Server and Manager Server must point to the same SQL Server.

Start the Manager.

Use the manager installation guide to obtain sufficient client access licenses for your organisation - and optionally set up users and groups. If you wish, you may import computers, users and groups via Active Directory.

Configure firewalls

Click here to read more about the ports that must be opened and see if they apply to you.

Deploy Agent throughout the organisation.

Use the agent installation guide to roll the agent out to every computer within the organisation, using either remote deployment or by deploying from the users computer via their web browser.

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